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Since 1973, Judith Baer has challenged children of all levels and abilities to reach beyond normal academic expectations to become high achievers. Her proven one-on-one and small-group teaching methods instill self-esteem and maximize the abilities of all children. Baer’s practices enhance the whole child, making students more confident at school, at home, and at play.

By partnering with parents in the learning process, she helps children of all abilities attain their goals, and enhances the parent-child relationship. Judith Baer’s methods are now available on a limited basis. For a confidential discussion of your child’s learning potential, call Judith Baer’s office at 732-771-6653.

Judy Baer offers math tutoring, reading tutoring, writing tutoring, homework help, reading readiness development in Ocean Township, Little Silver, Neptune, Red Bank, Tinton Falls, Asbury Park and other surrounding Monmouth County areas. Call her today to start your child on the right track to reading, writing, math, phonics and homework study habits and techniques that work.

Judith B. Baer is a native to the Jersey Shore. A graduate of Red Bank Regional High School, the former Judith Brenner grew up in Red Bank. She received a BA in education from Kean University, Union, NJ and a collateral degree in Reading Education. Mrs. Baer has taught since 1973, serving 12 years in the Middletown public schools, and 5 years teaching in Rumson. She is a member of the New Jersey Education Association, Phi Delta Kappa International, and the Society for Developmental Education.

Different kinds of smart
Not everyone is smart in the same way. According to Harvard’s Howard Gardner, children can actually get smarter with good teaching. That is what Judith Baer already knows.

“Even exceptionally bright students need to be challenged to excel,” says Baer. “My methods help children of all abilities to reach their full potential.”

Baer’s child-centered practices enrich the whole child, increasing confidence at home and at school. The result? A happy, secure child on the path to personal success.

In Newsweek magazine they called it “academic therapy,” and helping children “remain in the college track.” Others call it “investing in a child’s future and “the key to success.”

But Judith Baer simply calls it giving each child the advantage of a personal teacher. . . an advantage that for some is the difference between mere schooling and true understanding.

A remarkable difference.
Helping the struggling student achieve.
The average student excel.
The gifted student exceed all expectations.

“One teacher, with one pupil, taking one tiny step at a time—that’s how worlds are won.” — Newsweek, March 30, 1998

That’s what Newsweek had to say about personal teaching. It is the number one way to give your child an advantage in school and in life. Whether your child needs help with a specific subject or just a little encouragement to make an academic stretch, Judith Baer can help your child reach beyond normal academic production to become a high achiever. Research shows that with the right teaching, children can actually get smarter. Judith Baer guarantees these results in your child.

B.A. Elementary Education—Kean University, Union, NJ
Collateral Program in Reading Education—Kean University, Union, NJ
New Jersey Governor’s Teacher Recognition Award from the Department of Education (1997)

“Support a multi-faceted approach to reading instruction because children are so different in “learning styles.” – Classrooms That Work by Cunningham, Allington 1999

“One of the major reasons for providing a “comprehensive approach” to literacy is that children bring different personalities into our schools. It is clear that when a teacher provides more routes to the goal of literacy, more children will find a route to take them there.- Hall, Prevatte & Cunningham 1995