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math tutoring monmouth njThe concepts are explained in a direct and simple way so that the student “understands” what is being asked. So many times, concepts are not understood because of the large class sizes. Once the math is explained in a “one-on-one” setting, the student begins to get it, their confidence soars, and they suddenly “like” math!

I am dedicated to providing your child with a warm, positive environment that makes learning mathematics both engaging and rewarding.

“One teacher, with one pupil, taking one tiny step at a time—that’s how worlds are won.” — Newsweek, March 30, 1998

“Judith has helped me a lot in math and writing. When I didn’t get something, whether it was in school, or on my homework, she went step-by-step to help me figure it out. Judith is the best!” —John, Grade 6

“Judith has been a part of our lives for almost two years now. We are so grateful that we found her enrichment program at a time when one-on-one attention in the typical classroom is rare. She is clearly passionate about teaching, and brings a rare combination of warmth, knowledge, and humor to each of her private lessons, which incorporates reading and basic math skills. I credit her with my son’s ability to read, write, and perform simple mathematics at such a young age (Mark is 6-years-old). More importantly, I believe that she has sparked my son’s lifetime eagerness to learn, and he brings this eagerness to his daily Kindergarten class. As any parent knows, that is a gift that cannot be replaced. I recommend Judith to others without any reservations, and look forward to the day when my other sons are old enough to benefit from her lessons.” — Kathryn

Importance of Problem Solving
Learning math improves your child’s problem solving skills. Even as a very young elementary school student, she builds her ability to solve problems by learning to calculate simple arithmetic problems, such as one plus one. Every new math level she tackles requires her to expand her ability to dissect a problem and solve each individual part. She can apply this to her life as she gets older. Even in relationship building, problems often need to be broken down into sections to get to the core problem and solution.