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Reading-readiness is designed for Pre-K and kindergarten children. It is a fun-filled hour where students are exposed to letters, sounds, writing, reading, and literature. Works well in conjunction with school to supplement what is being taught, and in many cases, it goes a step further to enrich the student’s learning experience.

“Reading real books and writing are authentic activities and children who read and write become fluent in reading.” —Tierney, Shanahan, 1991

“Judith has been a part of our lives for almost two years now. We are so grateful that we found her enrichment program at a time when one-on-one attention in the typical classroom is rare. She is clearly passionate about teaching, and brings a rare combination of warmth, knowledge, and humor to each of her private lessons, which incorporates reading and basic math skills. I credit her with my son’s ability to read, write, and perform simple mathematics at such a young age (Mark is 6-years-old). More importantly, I believe that she has sparked my son’s lifetime eagerness to learn, and he brings this eagerness to his daily Kindergarten class. As any parent knows, that is a gift that cannot be replaced. I recommend Judith to others without any reservations, and look forward to the day when my other sons are old enough to benefit from her lessons.” — Kathryn