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An informal reading evaluation is administered to determine the student’s reading level. Then a program designed to match your student’s ability will be prepared: The program will be a combination of vocabulary, reading comprehension, phonics, writing, and literature.

“The study concluded that in general a “combination approach” to teaching reading (phonics, basal, literature, language experience/writing) worked better than any single approach.” — Bond & Dykstra, 1967

“Mrs. Baer has helped my daughter tremendously. She improved her reading skills and her writing skills, and she even helped my daughter LOVE to read!” — Grace

“Mrs. Judy has made the biggest impact on our daughter’s confidence and feelings about reading. As parents, we focus on academics, but more importantly, on instilling the life-long love of learning. Judy reinforces our belief through her passion, dedication and “fun” approach to enriching our daughter’s education. The progress has been remarkable. Mrs. Judy extends her tutoring sessions beyond reading. Whatever extra help our daughter needs on new class concepts and lessons, Judy is right there the following week to aid in making the pieces fit together in our daughter’s mind. Her tips for parents are great too! Even though we feel our daughter is exactly where she needs to be academically, we continue weekly sessions with Mrs. Judy because the educational value and enrichment for our daughter is priceless.” —Jackie, Jeff and 2nd grade child.