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Student Testimonials
Judith has helped me a lot in math and writing. When I didn’t get something, whether it was in school, or on my homework, she went step-by-step to help me figure it out. Judith is the best!” — John, Grade 6

Parent Testimonials
“My son was diagnosed with Asberger’s Syndrome at 5 years of age. At that time, I was told that he would not be able to read or write very well because of his disabilities, which included dyslexia. After a few years in the school system, even with extra attention, I realized he would need outside help with reading and writing. I began to search for a professional reading specialist. It was a blessing that I found Judith Baer. She is a warm, kind and caring person who made my son comfortable from the beginning. When Judy began working with him, he was not reading at any level. After one year under Judy’s tutelage, he was reading at a 1st-2nd grade level. Now, after four years with her, he is reading at almost a 7th grade level. He is improving greatly in school, and his teachers are seeing a big difference in his ability to read.

I highly recommend Judith Baer to any child struggling with a reading problem. She will take her time to understand your child’s specific needs and customize a teaching method and a plan that best fits your child. My son has told me many times that he wouldn’t be reading well if it wasn’t for Mrs. Baer. Judy, thank you for giving my son the opportunity to succeed in school, and more importantly, in life.” — Maria

“Her patience and understanding provide a nurturing environment where children feel comfortable and they are able to thrive.” — Charlotte

“I am impressed by Judy Baer’s ability to draw out my daughter’s unique, personal best. Her instinctive, confidence-building approach to teaching has provided my daughter with the environment she needed to really excel in her studies.” — Mel

“Noah looks forward to the day Judy is coming to tutor him. She is kind and patient. She makes learning easy for my son and takes away all the frustration. Noah is no longer afraid to get his test results back.” — Margie

“Mrs. Baer has helped my daughter tremendously. She improved her reading skills and her writing skills, and she even helped my daughter LOVE to read!” — Grace

“Mrs. Baer is the “Mary Poppins” of homework —“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun, she finds the fun, and snap the job’s done!” Mrs. Baer’s style and approach helps a child to break down and understand the concepts while building their confidence. We are so thankful for Mrs. Baer.” — Hope

“Since age eight, my twin boys have worked with Judy during the school year. They have learned the necessary study skills and organization skills that are often no longer taught in schools. The educational foundation provided through weekly tutor sessions has resulted in both boys consistently receiving high honors every marking period. There are no conflicts between us, as parents, and the children related to studying and completing homework assignments. Thank you Judy.” — Andrea

“We’ve had the pleasure of having our son work with Judy Baer for nearly six years now, and her contributions to his academic development have been invaluable. Her methods are customized for his specific needs, and the results are seen in the incredible progress he’s made at school. She’s made a huge difference in our lives.” — Siobhain and Matt Mark

“Judith Baer has helped my 12-year-old son tremendously academically, and also by increasing his self-confidence. Johan has begun to like school due to his improvement in his grades and self-confidence. I feel very thankful to have Mrs. Baer as a tutor for my son.” — Mrs. Kelly

“Mrs. Baer is heaven-sent for our son! Not only did his grades in school dramatically improve, but so did his self-esteem and confidence! She makes the time she works with him fun and enjoyable, and he’s learning at the same time. He looks forward to the time he spends learning with her every week!” — Karen

“It is not very often that opportunities come your way that you cannot afford to pass on. Judy Baer is that unique opportunity. She is a gifted educator who not only knows how to teach and tutor your child, but she intuitively understands and nurtures her students. She has helped my children in so many ways that I am certain without her guidance they would not be the excellent students and human beings they are today.” — Andie

“Judith has been a part of our lives for almost two years now. We are so grateful that we found her enrichment program at a time when one-on-one attention in the typical classroom is rare. She is clearly passionate about teaching, and brings a rare combination of warmth, knowledge, and humor to each of her private lessons, which incorporates reading and basic math skills. I credit her with my son’s ability to read, write, and perform simple mathematics at such a young age (Mark is 6-years-old). More importantly, I believe that she has sparked my son’s lifetime eagerness to learn, and he brings this eagerness to his daily Kindergarten class. As any parent knows, that is a gift that cannot be replaced. I recommend Judith to others without any reservations, and look forward to the day when my other sons are old enough to benefit from her lessons.” — Kathryn

“Mrs. Judy has made the biggest impact on our daughter’s confidence and feelings about reading. As parents, we focus on academics, but more importantly, on instilling the life-long love of learning. Judy reinforces our belief through her passion, dedication and “fun” approach to enriching our daughter’s education. The progress has been remarkable. Mrs. Judy extends her tutoring sessions beyond reading. Whatever extra help our daughter needs on new class concepts and lessons, Judy is right there the following week to aid in making the pieces fit together in our daughter’s mind. Her tips for parents are great too! Even though we feel our daughter is exactly where she needs to be academically, we continue weekly sessions with Mrs. Judy because the educational value and enrichment for our daughter is priceless.” —Jackie, Jeff and 2nd grade child.