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writing skillsWriting is an integral part of the hour with Mrs.Baer. Young students begin with writing simple sentences. Older students progress to writing complete paragraphs and eventually three to five paragraph essays.

“Writing is an authentic activity and children who write become more fluent in reading.” — Tierney & Shanahan 1991

“We’ve had the pleasure of having our son work with Judy Baer for nearly six years now, and her contributions to his academic development have been invaluable. Her methods are customized for his specific needs, and the results are seen in the incredible progress he’s made at school. She’s made a huge difference in our lives.” — Siobhain and Matt Mark

“Judith has helped me a lot in math and writing. When I didn’t get something, whether it was in school, or on my homework, she went step-by-step to help me figure it out. Judith is the best!” —John, Grade 6

“Mrs. Baer has helped my daughter tremendously. She improved her reading skills and her writing skills, and she even helped my daughter LOVE to read!” — Grace